About Us

Juniper Hill Barndominiums

Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums is committed to helping you build your dream.

Rhonda Mills has lived in the Texas Panhandle since she was sixteen years old. She knows and understands what the West Texas weather can do. She also knows the beauty and the potential the land holds. It was this potential that led her to begin researching steel barndominiums.

With over thirty years of construction experience, Rhonda knew that buildings in the Texas Panhandle had to be sturdy and able to withstand rain, heat, wind, and snow. After two years of research in the Amarillo area, Juniper Hill Ranch did not find any structures constructed from steel. As a result, a spec home was built in order to demonstrate what could be possible with steel construction.

Juniper Hill Ranch brings a vast amount of experience to the table. They are ready to work with you to research property, locate the best site for your barndominium, and perfect your floor plan. They won't rest until you have your dream. With years of experience in commercial and residential building, they can help you design and then build exactly what you want. From the framing to the interior details, Juniper Hill Ranch has all the qualifications you look for. They are certified in structural welding in addition to being a qualified Journeyman in carpentry. With experience in remodels and new construction, their vision is as big as the Texas sky. If you can dream it, Juniper Hill Ranch is ready to build it.

In the coming years, Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums expects to build across not just the Texas Panhandle, but across the United States. In the near future, they are looking to create a barndominium development. This community will be built of premium steel structures that offer the curb appeal of modern luxury. The modern homes will have a traditional feel and will not look like a community full of warehouses. At Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums, we are excited to offer quality homes that can withstand anything the Texas Panhandle can throw your way. Let us build your dream today.

Rhonda M.