The Building Process

Juniper Hill Barndominiums

At Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums, we offer much more than just a custom build. We can take your dream, make it a design, and then complete your build.

It all begins with your dream. It can be an idea or a quick sketch on paper. We will take your idea and plug it into our computer software. From here we will have an initial floor plan. We will work with you to finetune your design until it's just right. When your plans match your dreams, we have architects and engineers that will create the blueprints for your home. During this process, Juniper Hill works to help you finalize your initial design before it goes to the architect. We do this to save you money. Changes made to floor or site plans after they go to the architect can cost you time and additional fees. We work with you to ensure you get what you want and to save you money on your overall budget.

Blueprints are just one part of the work that goes into getting you into your barndominium. We will walk you through each stage, giving you as much or as little help as you want and need.

For financing, Juniper Hill can connect you with groups that understand the ins and outs of building a barndominium. We can recommend insurance companies that know the insurance needs associated with barndominiums. In addition, there are appraisers that have experience with barndominium structures, values, and land values. These appraisers give the most accurate appraisals and can in most cases help you get the financing you need to make your dream come true.

- Your plans are made and

- Your financing is secure.

- Now Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums wants to be sure your home is built in just the right spot. Whether you already own the land or you are purchasing it, we can help you determine the best placement for your home.

- Our experience allows us to see and look for things you might not even think about. We will check the property for utility access. We can determine what is already there or where it would be easiest to place.

- We can also help you estimate the cost of bringing utilities to the property.

- We look at the slope of the land where you want to build. Believe it or not, the grading of the property can make thousands of dollars of difference. Just a few feet can cost less or more.

- We check regional maps for flood zones and water accessibility. To the best of our ability upon your request we can investigate property for you, we look for underground hazards that could affect construction ability.

- Private land does not always include accurate mapping of old landfills or other hazards. Underground gas lines could be too close to the surface.

- These hazards can cause delays in building or damage to your home at later dates. These checks are made for building and construction purposes only. Part of our job is to help you uncover hidden expenses and save you money.

- We want to provide you with all the information we can. When you are armed with information, you can make the best, most informed building decisions possible.

Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums offers the best, most comprehensive customer service available. We understand the barndominium building process. We will work with you to bring the home of your dreams to life.