Ranch Barndominiums

Juniper Hill Barndominiums

If you need a home that also houses your farm and ranch necessities and assets let Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums design and build your Ranch Barndominium.

What kind of home would you want for your farm or ranch? Our Ranch Barndominium design plans for your future home and barn/storage area to fit right into your dreams. With a Ranch Barndominium you will have the best of both: a home and a barn/storage area for all of your farm and ranch needs. There is not very much of a difference between the Ranch Barndominium and a regular barndominium. However, when designing and planning the construction of your Ranch Barndominium every detail of what is needed will be taken into consideration.

Once your Ranch Barndominium planning begins, we will discuss with you what needs to be included in the design. We will consider what you plan on using the barn/storage area for. Some farmers and ranchers may need the area for animals, and some may just need it to store farm and ranch equipment. Depending on the size of the Ranch Barndominium, the barn/storage area can also provide both: a barn AND a storage area. We can take the stress out of planning your Ranch Barndominium design by creating exactly what you need for your farm or ranch.

Your barn/storage area of the Ranch Barndominium can be designed to accommodate any animals and their needs. Stalls, arenas, and tack rooms can be designed for your Ranch Barndominium plans. Areas for feeding, foaling, and even breeding can all be factored in for the design. Wash stalls and vet stalls can be specified and designed the way you need them to be as well. The entrances and the size of the entrances into the barn area can all be customized to fit yours and your animals' needs. If you have certain ventilation needs or requirements, we can plan for that as well. Ranch Barndominiums can double as a safe and sound security for both you and any of your livestock.

If you already have an area for your livestock, or need a storage facility for your other farm and ranch needs, we have the ability to design exactly what you need space for. We can create an area for many types of farm equipment. You can have enough space to hold tractors, plows, mowers, trailers, vehicles and anything else needed to maintain your farm or ranch. Even wash bays for the equipment can be implemented into the design. We can design any utility rooms and restrooms as well. Ceiling heights, lofts, and other storage details will all be considered when designing this portion of your Ranch Barndominium.

Whether you need extra space for your farm and ranch needs or not, Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums has you covered. We follow all state and local guidelines and requirements to ensure that you have the safest Ranch Barndominium. The extra safety will compliment the ease and convenience of having a Ranch Barndominium. Trust our barndominium builder at Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums to create your dream and manage your farm or ranch with a Ranch Barndominium.