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Juniper Hill Barndominiums based in Amarillo, TX.

The Texas Panhandle is an area with a wide range of industries, from agriculture to manufacturing. No matter what business you are in, you need a building with the ability to not only protect your business, but allows it to grow. Barndominiums have the versatility and durability to match your industry and company needs.

Barndominiums are some of the most versatile buildings available today. They are large and open, which allows the interior spaces to be customized according to the needs of your company. In many cases, a barndominium serves more than one purpose under the same roof. For example, your store or restaurant could be at the front of your building while storage areas or offices are located in the back. For agricultural industries, one area could include animal stalls while another area allows for crop or feed storage. The possibilities are endless.

Another component of a barndominium that enhances its versatility, is the fact that these structures can be built more quickly than traditional buildings. It is also less difficult to rework spaces in a barndominium. Walls can be added or moved to increase space or change a space's purpose. If needed, you can also make your barndominium bigger as your company grows and your needs change.

Barndominiums are durable. Metal buildings are resistant to fire and have the ability to withstand a wide range of weather. The Texas Panhandle weather can be devastating to traditional buildings. A barndominium is structurally sound. Dust filtering through windows is rare, as barndominiums do not settle on their foundations or shift with high winds. Companies using barndominium space for storage will find their products are much better protected from pests and the rotting associated with wooden structures. Mold and moisture have difficulty taking hold under the sturdy and waterproof roof of a barndominium. Overall, a barndominium has a longer lifespan, saving you money into the future.

The durability of a barndominium allows the products housed inside to be stored more safely over longer periods of time. Barndominiums offer large spaces that can be used for agricultural or equipment storage. Spaces can be temperature controlled in order to maintain the safest storage possible. Manufactured items can be stored without fear of pests or damage from water. Barndominiums offer the best spaces for product storage as the size can be designed perfectly. They are temperature controlled, dry, odor-free, and safe from pests. In other words, ideal for whatever storage needs your company may have.

No matter what your business needs, it can be found in a barndominium. Perhaps one of the best features of a barndominium is its cost effectiveness. You get amazing space for the price. You have the ease of designing and redesigning the interior to adjust to your business needs. You can even add space as your company grows. The security and durability of a barndominium protects your product from the elements far into the future. Barndominiums are built to last, saving you money on future repairs and possibly insurance. A barndominium is a safe and practical investment for your business.

Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums can help you design and build the space that meets your needs.