Is a Barndominium Right for you?

Juniper Hill Barndominiums

We are dedicated to making sure Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums are the right fit for you.

When you make the decision to move to a new home you may think that you have two options: Should you move into an existing home, or design and build your own? In reality, no matter which option you choose, there are even more decisions involved that you will have to make later. If you move into an existing home do you keep it as is or do you renovate it? If you decide to build your new home do you take on the daunting task yourself, managing the project and conducting the entire build process? Or would you rather team up with a reputable custom home builder to reduce the amount of headaches and stress? And if you find a builder, what type of home do you even want to build? With enough research, you will most likely come across the idea of building a barndominium. To help you decide if a barndominium is right for you, ask yourself these questions as well:

- Is the ability to have options in customizing my new home important to me?

- Is affordability in building a new home important to me?

- Is an energy-efficient home important to me?

- Is conducting the least amount of maintenance on my home important to me?

Answering yes to these questions should reveal that building a barndominium is right for you. Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums can ensure that building your new home will have all of these attributes and so much more.

Customization Options

When you imagine designing your own home you may already have floor-plan preferences. You may already know the ceiling heights that you want in each room. You may even already know what color schemes you would like throughout the entire house. Whether you only have a few decisions made or know exactly what you want in a barndominium, Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums can help bring your design to life. And if you aren’t sure where to start, we have pre-designed floor plans that can be adjusted as needed to match your dreams. Building a barndominium will be right for you if you believe that customizing your own home is important.


Building a home can be just as expensive as purchasing an existing home. However, building a barndominium can save you money and redirect funds that would have been spent on a traditional home right back to your new home investment. Barndominiums are based on a 50% living and 50% non-living layout. The larger the living area the higher the cost per square foot. Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums will be upfront with the costs and variable costs every step of the way so that you know where your money is going.


 Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums builds barndominiums with energy-efficiency in mind. From the type of insulation used to the durability of the exterior against the elements, it will all reduce energy bills and reduce excess energy waste. Even your insurance rates will be affordable due to the protective and energy-efficient materials used in building your barndominium.

Less Maintenance

 Maintaining a barndominium involves much less work compared to maintaining a traditional home. Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums will use durable materials in the construction of your barndominium. That means less replacement costs due to damage in the future. Even the way the foundation is built reduces future water damage, which can save you time and money in the long run.

 Deciding that a barndominium is right for you may take way less thought than expected when you consider what you really need out of a new home. Let Juniper Hill Ranch Barndominiums help and guide you through the entire process. You will be glad that you did.